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since 07/04/2011

Indian Hills PTSO Class of 2019 IHHS

2019 Class Coordinators and Project Graduation Chairs


Liz Barbagallo, Laurie Restieri, Amy Soto and Uma Taneja


Class coordinators are appointed in the Class Freshman Year to serve as a liaison between the PTSO and the Faculty Advisors to support class activities and fundraisers. They are also responsible for raising funds and planning for their class's Project Graduation Event throughout the four years. 

Class Advisors: Kathleen Jerzewski ( ) and Steevi Brandt (

Description Date Posted

2018-2019 PTSO Meeting Dates:

September 20th, (7pm Media Ctr/Library) 

October 16th

November 20th

January 17th (7pm)

March 5th

May 21st

June 11th

All meetings are held on Tuesday @ 9:30am in
District Conference Rm except where noted.

IHHS 2018-2019 
PTSO Executive Board: email to contact us

Co Presidents: Lisa Ambrose, Helen Bonzulak
Vice Presidents: Kerry Barney, Jayne O'Neill
Treasurer: Connie Fong (
Recording Secretary: Carita Shelkin
Corresponding Secretary: Dianne Poppe
Webmaster: Gina Mayer-Costa

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