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Indian Hills PTSO Committees

Class Coordinators IHHS
Chair:   See below for each class

Class coordinators are appointed in the Class Freshman Year to serve as a liaison between the PTSO and the Faculty Advisors to support class activities and fundraisers. They are also responsible for raising funds and planning for their class's Project Graduation Event throughout the four years.

2021 Class Coordinators IHHS
Chair:   Pamela Bove, Kim Schlenker, Cristina Lubas: ihhspg2021@gmail.com

Class Advisors: Lauren Lewandowski and Jennifer Dinan

2022 Class Coordinators IHHS
Chair:   Jayne O'Neill, Theresa Barry, Cheryl Civadelic: ihhspg2022@gmail.com

Class Advisors: Sam Janiszak

2023 Class Coordinators IHHS
Chair:   Ed McDermott, Angela Yessis, Denise Capparelli

Coordinators needed. Contact Kerry Barney, PTSO 1st VP: ihhsptsovp1@gmail.com

2024 Class Coordinators IHHS
Chair:   OPEN

Coordinators needed. Contact Kerry Barney, PTSO 1st VP: ihhsptsovp1@gmail.com

Senior Class Specific Committees IHHS
Chair:   Fashion Show: : Lisa Ambrose, Harmony Centrello, Connie Fong, Selena Guller, Debbie Hannemann, Dianne Poppe, Mae Samuel, Senior Lawn Signs: Lisa Ambrose , Parking Spot Raffle:

Fashion Show: The Fashion Show is the biggest fundraiser for Project Graduation and is usually held in March. Senior students model clothes and accessories. There is a tricky tray, 50/50 and silent auction, as well as dinner. The committee coordinates the event.

Senior Lawn Signs: Work with the vendor to order Senior Lawn Signs. Collect orders/money from senior parents who order "Congratulations Graduate, Class of x" signs.  Arrange for the signs pick up scheduled in June. Partial funds go towards Project Graduation.

Burger Bash: Provide lunch including grilled burgers to the Senior Class right after their graduation rehearsal

Parking Spot Raffle: Maintain all parking spot raffle orders for each month and announce the winner every month. One parking spot is reserved in front of the school for the winner for each month. Funds raised go towards Project Graduation.

PTSO Membership
Chair:   Dianne Poppe: ihhsptsocorsec@gmail.com

The directory rep works with Ramapo and the Paperless PTO for membership and student information for the online system. The Board of Ed provides student lists and the teacher lists, by request, and the directory rep reviews student names, membership names, etc. to ensure there are no duplicates, errors, non-members with member data listed and so forth.

Ways & Means IHHS
Chair:   See below

Amazon Fundraiser: Oversee the Amazon Fundraiser through Amazon Smile. Contact: Connie Fong (ck9394@gmail.com)

Stop and Shop Fundraiser: Oversee the Stop and Shop Fundraiser. Contact: Connie Fong (ck9394@gmail.com)

StaffPrep: Work with Staff Prep to coordinate dates for SAT/ACT prep options; act as liaison between PTSO, IHHS, and Staff Prep.  Contact: Carol Eng (weng74@aol.com) 

Communications / E-Blast IHHS
Chair:   Gina Mayer-Costa (ihhsptsoweb@gmail.com))

Coordinates eblasts with the PTSO President to ensure timely dissemination of information to the membership. Maintains the PTSO website.

Hospitality IHHS
Chair:   Kerry Thurston (kerryt8276@hotmail.com)

Arranges for refreshments for the 8th grade Open House, Back To School Night, Teacher Breakfast (May), PTSO meetings, Freshman Parent Tea, Art show (every other year), Senior Award night (June) and possibly other events that come up during the year.

Beautification IHHS
Chair:   Wanda Callari -(wscallari@yahoo.com)

Help chair maintain campus perennial and tree beds approximately 3 times per year.  Help to water and plant potted flowers.  Undertake any ad hoc planting projects as needed.

Municipal Alliance Representative IHHS
Chair:   Carita Shelkin/Oakland, Franklin Lakes, /Wyckoff

Attend Municipal Alliance meetings to act as the PTSO representative and report back to the PTSO.

8th Grade Open House IHHS
Chair:   PTSO Board (ihhsptso@gmail.com)

Open house provides 8th grade students and their parents the opportunity to see what IHHS has to offer. The committee works with the Principal and Athletics Director to ensure that informational packets are assembled and volunteers hand out the packets at the event. NHS students are available and scheduled to act as tour guides. Volunteers are needed to assemble packets and the night of the event to hand out folders. Also coordinates with Hospitality to provide snacks and drinks.

Economy Shop IHHS
Chair:   Esther Daniels (esther@thiscan.com)

Located at 399 Main Street, Wyckoff, the Economy Shop is a volunteer run consignment shop. All proceeds from the shop are distributed to Indian Hills, Ramapo and the Wyckoff elementary schools. Committee coordinates volunteers and ensures funds are given back to the treasurer. A school must supply volunteers in order to receive a portion of the proceeds from the shop.

RIH BOE Representative to PTSO
Chair:   OPEN

Reports on what the BOE is working on at each meeting, answers questions and represents questions or comments from the PTSO back to the board.

Holiday Festival IHHS
Chair:   Gina Fierro (jngdrip@verizon.net)

Students from Indian Hills hold an annual Holiday Festival at the New Roberto Clemente School in Paterson.  The students provide a day filled with storytelling, coloring, dancing, games, face painting, arts and crafts and gift giving for over 400 Kindergarten thru fourth grade students. The committee provides parent volunteers on the day to set up, decorate the gym, help during, and clean up at the end of, the day.

Performing Arts Association (PAA) IHHS
Chair:   Chair: (ihhspaa@gmail.com)

The Performing Arts Association is comprised of parents who have children in any of the performing arts at IHHS and who raise funds to provide scholarships to performing arts seniors and financial and technical support to those programs at the school.

Chair:   Andrea Levy: (ffoperations@gmail.com)

FLOW Follies Annual Musical Comedy Show in March raises scholarship funds for graduating seniors through sales of tickets to the four performances of the show, sales of advertising in the ad journal/playbill distributed at the shows and Friends of FLOW Follies memberships. All monies generated are granted as scholarships to seniors at Indian Hills and Ramapo. By acting as the PTSO representative to FLOW Follies, keep the membership informed about progress of the show.


2021-2022 PTSO Meeting Dates:

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IHHS 2020-2021 
PTSO Executive Board: contact us

President: Lisa Ambrose
Vice President: Kerry Barney
Treasurer: Open
Secretary: Laurie Ilardi
Webmaster: Gina Mayer-Costa

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