Indian Hills PTSO Flyers

Event Flyers IHHS  
Document Date Posted
Safety Town App 03/19/2018
Winter Wonderland Fundraiser 01/22/2018
Schwan's Cares Food 11/27/2017
SAT BOOTCAMP 2017-2018 (2) 11/20/2017
Miscellaneous IHHS  
Document Date Posted
Citrus Flyer Order by Mar 20 03/12/2018
PTSO Membership Family  
Document Date Posted
IHHS Directory App Info 09/18/2017

2017-2018 PTSO Meeting Dates:

September 19th, (7pm) 

October 17th

November 14th

January 16th (7:30pm) rescheduled to January 23rd

March 6th

April 17th

May 8th

June 5th

All meetings are held on Tuesday @ 9:30am in
District Conference Rm except where noted.

IHHS 2017-2018 
PTSO Executive Board: email to contact us

Co Presidents: Priti Bhargava, Christine Halloran
Vice Presidents: Kerry Barney, Swati Bhutada
Treasurer: Mierette Stocker
Recording Secretary: Mary Loprete
Corresponding Secretary: Melissa Russo
Webmaster: Gina Mayer-Costa

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District Student Calendar 

IHHS News/Calendar

IHHS School Website

Parent's Athletic Committee (PAC)
Performing Arts Association (PAA)
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Delayed Opening: Start: 9:05am Dismissal 2:39pm

CLASS BELL schedule: (page 6 of the Student Handbook).