Indian Hills PTSO Flyers

Membership *Forms*  
Document Date Posted
Winter Wonderland Fundraiser 01/23/2015
PTSO President's Welcome Letter 12/05/2014
PTSO Membership Options / Order Form 12/05/2014
PTSO - Important Dates 12/05/2014
2014-2015 School Calendar 10/15/2014
2018 Class Coordinators  
Document Date Posted
Welcome Spring Fundraiser ORDER FORM - Class of 2018 02/20/2015
Welcome Spring Fundraiser - Class of 2018 02/20/2015
Document Date Posted
Drumbeats Subscription 12/05/2014
Economy Shop  
Document Date Posted
Economy Shop 12/05/2014
FLOW Follies  
Document Date Posted
FLOW Follies Membership Form 12/05/2014
Document Date Posted
Bergen's Place Youth Shelter 09/23/2014
Parent Athletic Committee  
Document Date Posted
Shop Rite Discount Card Order Form - Support The Performing Arts Association 12/05/2014
PAC (Parent Athletic Committee) Membership Form 12/05/2014
Project Graduation  
Document Date Posted
Project Graduation - What is Project Graduation? 12/05/2014
Project Graduation - Dear Parents 12/05/2014
Project Graduation - Volunteer Letter 12/05/2014
Project Graduation - Fundraising Letter 12/05/2014
Senior Parking Spot Raffle - Project Graduation Fundraiser 12/05/2014
Safe Homes  
Document Date Posted
Safe Homes Flyer 12/05/2014
Summer Mailing/Back to School Packet  
Document Date Posted
PTSO Summer Mailing Fundraiser 12/05/2014